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Tips for decision whether to enter each country

(a) Verify merits 

(b) Verify patent grant possibility

  • Read "International Search Report" and "Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority"(WO/ISA) sent to you from the International Searching Authority.

  • In your home country's prosecution of your patent, you will use the home country agent you used for the international application. Ask the agent about your patent grant possibility in your home country based on the WO/ISA.  

  • If your application is already under prosecution in your home country, confirm the examination status.


(c) Verify costs

  • Ask costs to your home country agent that you used for the international application. Ask costs of government fee, each country's agent fee, translation costs, and your home country agent fee for entering each country.

  • You should also check the market price of each country's agent fee and translation costs yourself. You can use the information to negotiate with your home country agent.

  • You can know them by using free estimate websites such as If you use us to enter China and Japan, your expenses are less because we receive all your payments without being drawn to those websites.

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