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Table 1 : Fees until registration of patent  (Currency:Japanese yenClick here exchange rate.)

  STEP (See Flow Chart - Japan)   



 Filling documents: JPY50,000

 Translation Fee (from EN into JP): JPY16×(English words) 

  (If 10,000 words; JPY50,000+JPY16×10,000=JPY210,000)

Request Examination

(You must request within three years from the international filing date.)


  (JPY 20,000 (If request official fee reduction to JPO))

  Japanese Government Fee 

The Agent Fee

(No tax required)



 1/2 for Small & Medium Enterprises and

 1/3 for Small & Medium Venture Enterprises

Office Action 

Simple documents description deficiency:JPY50,000 


Substantive matter: JPY100,000 ~

 (Depends on the complexity of the Office Action)  






 (JPY4,300+JPY300×claims)×(3 years) 


 1/2 for Small & Medium Enterprises and

 1/3 for Small & Medium Venture Enterprises.

Registration fee: JPY20,000

Courier Service (Sending Certificate): JPY5,000

Note1: When you want to change the claims, etc. (The purpose of the amendment is not to resolve the reasons for the refusal.) 

Note2You and we contract step by step. So, unless you decide to go to the next step, you will not be charged for the next step.

Note3If you use a local patent firm in your country, you need the fee for that firm.


Note 1



     (Depends on the complexity of the amendment)  

Table 2 : Annual fees of patent (per year)  (Currency:Japanese yenClick here exchange rate.)

The year from the patent registration

(The starting point is the patent registration date.)

for the 1st to the 3rd years, per year 

for the 4th to the 6th years, per year

The Japanese Government Fee

(per year)

The Agent Fee

(No tax required)

You already paid this fees when you registered your patent.

for the 7th to the 9th years, per year

for the 10th to the 20th years, per year

JPY10,300 + JPY800×claims

JPY24,800 + JPY1,900×claims

JPY59,400 + JPY4,600×claims

JPY15,000 (For each payment)
(Even if you pay to the Japanese government for multiple years at the same time, the agent fee is JPY15,000) 

Note1: You can pay the multiple years annual fees to the Japanese government in advance.

Note2If your company is Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the payment, you can reduce the 1st to the10th year by 1/2.
Small & Medium Venture Enterprises (SMVEs), you can reduce them by 1/3.
Note3: We recommend you utilize one company for schedule control and payments in many countries. It can provide services at a reasonable cost using a computer system. Table 2 fees show without schedule control. If you want to let us control the schedule, we will contract separately for that. 

 Assignment  (Note2)

Change of Name

and/or Address  (Note3) 





Table 3 : Additional fees  (Currency:Japanese yenClick here exchange rate.)


  Japanese Government Fee 

The Agent Fee

(No tax required)

Note1: Table 3 Shows the fees before the registration. They are different after the registration. 

Note2: The original owner transfers ownership to another entity or party at the national phase.

Note3The original owner retains ownership but changes its name at the national phase. 

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