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Schematic Flow Chart (China)

    : Your Action 
    : Chinese Government Action

 Filing as a patent  
  for entering China 

 Request examination 

You must request within three years from the priority date (usualy within 6 months from the filing for entering China).

 Patent Granted 

Rare case

    Notification of    
 reasons for refusal 


             Office Action                  

            (Written opinion/amendment)         

(Respond to the notification of reasons for refusal)

     No Office Action     

(Not to respond to the notification

        of reasons for refusal)        

 Patent Granted 

 Patent Refused 


  (Respond to the  

   refusal decision) 

   No Appeal   

  (Not to respond to  

 the refusal decision) 

(Note 1)

 Appeal granted 

 Appeal not granted 


You can select 
no appeal.

You can select 
no office action.

 Patent Granted (Registration)

 Patent Denied

Patent Maintenance Process
・Pay annual fees
・After registration, some people oppose the patent grant decision by the Chinese government.  
It is rare. But in this case, you need action.

Note 1
The applicants can appeal against the examiner's Decision of Refusal when the applicants are dissatisfied with the decisions.

Office Action
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